Getting to Barrakee

There are many ways to get to Perisher. Once here we meet you for a scenic oversnow ride to start your holiday.


Please note that when travelling by car there is no overnight parking at Perisher Valley.

If driving to Perisher you will need to pay a park entry fee at the gate to the National park and snow chains are required for non 4WD vehicles.

The best driving option

We recommend driving to Bullocks Flat and leaving your car in the free, security patrolled car park then catching the Ski Tube. No park entry fees or snow chains are required.

Larger group option

For larger groups, it might be economical to drive to Perisher, drop off the bulk of the group and then have the driver proceed to Bullocks Flat and catch the Ski Tube. Allow for park fees, snow chains and an extra 2-3 hours if you choose this option.

Valet car parking option

This involves Mick meeting you at Jindabyne, riding with you to Perisher and taking your car back to Jindabyne where it is parked in a secure area, and then returned to you in Perisher ready for your departure. For more information call Mick Taylor on 0412 045 894.


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